What is EpiHackTM?


EpiHackTM is an assembly of  technology, animal health, human health, public health, policy, communication, etc. professionals.  Participants gather for 2-6 days of workshops; together, they create, adapt, and improve existing or prototype technologies with the purpose of improving disease surveillance and  forming other health-related problem solutions.

Each EpiHackTM has an event theme that is carefully selected by co-hosts and organizers. The theme can vary from focusing on one health issue, a single disease, a mass gathering, or any pandemic issue that has the potential for high impact on the host country and its neighboring regions.

Not only do Epihacks concentrate on developing prototypes but also on seeking sustainable outcomes. We believe that by defining challenges, exchanging commonalities and differences in practices, brainstorming for problem solving, and creating prototypes among these potential stakeholders, we will gain more engagement and a sense of belonging from them which will play a significant roles after the event has ended. We sincerely hope that these prototypes will, later on, be developed and become real tools.

Our Core Value and Structure

We believe that the key to preventing and protecting humanity from any health related issues becoming  threats to our lives is To Get Together and To Work Together.

The word, “Epihack” comes from “Epidemiology” + “Ideas Hack”. We have formed an EpiHackTM event where health-related practitioners from different cultures and expertises share and create sustainable solutions by collaborating with professionals from public, private, not-for-profit organizations and academic institutes, etc.

Expected Outcomes

Our short term goals by the end of the event, include developing: ideas, prototypes, stakeholder engagement, and networking.

Our long term goals for after the event, include getting EpiHackTM organizers, stakeholders, and their networks to expand prototypes or other problem solutions into actual projects. See more details in our Outcome session, on our homepage.

Event Theme

EpiHackTM organizers can choose any health concerns that benefit from collaborative and participatory work. Examples of event themes include: subject matter based, event based, project based, health Informatics based, data analysis and visualization based, etc.

Event Format

The event format should be decided by organizers based on their needs, availability, culture, and financial resources. It is important that EpiHackTM events seek collaboration, stakeholders buy-in, practical solutions, and improvements to or integration of current systems. Epihacks are neither contests nor competitive in nature, and no awards are given out. Epihacks are invitation-only and there is no registration fee.

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