To Organize Your Own EpiHack


Step 1 Review "What is an EpiHack?" and learn more about previous EpiHacks, including their locations, goals, and outcomes. Please note that EpiHacks usually require at least 6 months of planning time.

Step 2In a brief draft, respond to the following points:

  1. Tell us about your organization, areas of expertise, and mission.
  2. For your EpiHack event, what are the challenges or problems that need to be solved?
  3. Who will you engage as your key stakeholder(s) to develop the solutions during the EpiHack event? Who will be responsible for them after the event?
  4. Will you host an EpiHack in your country or another country? What geographic location is impacted by the problems that your EpiHack plans to address (i.e. city, country, regional, global, etc.)?
  5. What are the relationships between your organization and the key stakeholder groups (e.g. government, technology sector)?
  6. What level of funding and resources are your organization and partners able to provide to support the EpiHack?
  7. What is your ideal timeline for planning and hosting the EpiHack?
  8. Are there any individuals or organizations you could name that will serve as a reference to your ability to organize an event like an EpiHack?

Step 3 Share your answers to the questions above by emailing us at:

Step 4 Take our free online courses and obtain certificates -- learn about EpiHack organizer and facilitator responsibilities, as well as how to organize and run the event.

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