EpiHack Chiang Mai, March 2014, Thailand

One Health

Event Description

The second EpiHack took place in Chiang Mai, second largest city in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a city with a small community atmosphere and the aim of this event was to co-create prototypes for a Participatory One Health approach in the province.

The event was co-organised by the Skoll Global Threats Fund, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Chiang Mai University, as well as Opendream. Participants represented a wide variety of backgrounds from software developers in Cambodia and Argentina to lecturers at the university, to veterinary and medical students, to Thai government representatives.

EpiHack Chiang Mai was kicked off with a Digital Disease Detection (DDD) symposium, held at Chiang Mai University, which gave all the participants the valuable opportunity to learn about digital and participatory health care cases across Thailand. DDD followed with a site visit to the Saraphi district, where the Saraphi Health Project, which shares basic health information through a digital platform, was presented. On the second day, two groups were formed - one focusing on animal health and one on human health - and the hacking was on!

By the fourth and final day, the two teams had developed seven digital prototypes addressing a broad range of issues in the One Health sphere, including a wildlife reporting system, individual health surveillance, professional health surveillance and an overall platform collecting submitted health data.

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Credit note: Nathalie Sajda for providing EpiHack Chiang Mai information


PODD by Chiang Mai University, EpiHack Chiang Mai 2014

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