General Facilitator

Course Overview

  • Duration1-2 Hours
  • InfographicYes
  • VideoHigh
  • AssessmentYes
  • MethodSelf-paced
  • CertificateYes


Before starting to learn about how to be an EpiHack facilitator, first one must understand the nature of an EpiHack event how it is formatted in order to be able to run group sessions and help participants deliver event outcomes.

An EpiHack is a complex event which consists of a number of sessions including conferences and workshops over a period of several days. Participants include individuals of various nationalities and with diverse areas of expertise. They all work together to develop new digital disease detection tools / technology prototypes which potentially can be adopted for actual use in the field.

As an EpiHack facilitator, you will be required to fill multiple roles and carry out multiple tasks at the same time. These guidelines have been created to help you learn step-by-step how to carry out those responsibilities. Work at your own pace and be guided by your own interests. Above all, We encourage you to use your creativity to make the events interesting and rewarding for everyone and to achieve fruitful outcomes.

In practice, no two EpiHack events are exactly the same. Each has its own challenges and characteristics which depends on the needs and level of preparedness of the local hosts and the participants. For that reason, we have provided only structural guidelines here. For your own EpiHack event, you will need to design group sessions and activities that best serve your specific needs: dare to be innovative.

Now, let's go through the steps togerther!
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