Epidemiology + Ideas Hack

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An EpiHack

(i.e. epidemiology hackathon)

is a gathering of professionals from the fields of public health and animal health, together with software developers from the public and private sectors, designed to develop low-cost, open source software tools for public health systems.

During an EpiHack, participants engage in a 3 to 6 day intensive process to create, adapt, or improve technologies that address disease surveillance challenges. The designs, prototypes, and tools created during an EpiHack may be further developed into fully-functioning tools and systems in the host country or region.


EpiHack Online Training

EpiHack.org is a resource for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about EpiHacks, how they are organized, and the outcomes from these unique events. We welcome users to explore these resources and consider registering with EpiHack.org in order to gain access to our online training modules for EpiHack organizers and facilitators.


Informational Videos & Resources

What is EpiHack?

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