Participating in an EpiHackTM Event

Ending pandemics is not easy and no one can fight them alone. We on the Ending Pandemics team are working to detect, verify, and report outbreaks faster around the world.

If you are starting to think about organizing your own EpiHackTM or nominate other potential organizations to do so, we look forward to collaborating with you. Before submitting your application, we urge you to consider the following to assess your readiness.

EpiHackTM ’s core values and expectations of event organizer(s):

  1. An EpiHackTM serves to identify solutions for specific health-related issues. The organizers seek out stakeholders and participants who will contribute to an existing project or a brand new project to address the issue-based theme of the event.
  2. The organizers are motivated by and committed to building impactful solutions, action-oriented short term goals during the event, and long-term goals to be addressed after the event. An EpiHackTM is dedicated to the public good.
  3. EpiHacks offer event attendees opportunities for exploration, creativity, flexibility, and innovation. EpiHackTM establishes collaboration, not competition among a diversified group across professions. In order to go beyond the event itself and to create real impact, EpiHacks engage key stakeholders like the government or local authorities, researchers, changemakers, and computer programmers especially from the local area. In some cases, a short list of students or amateurs may be invited who have proven their skill level.

An EpiHackTM is not...

  • A competition event with prizes.
  • A club,charity activity, or social gathering.
  • A group gathering without purpose of developing sustainable impacts.
  • A promotional event to serve any individual, special-interest, political, religious, or commercial groups. 
  • A industry or market conference to sell something or make a profit.
  • An event to get free-labor or steal ideas. 

We would like to emphasize that all ideas that are contributed during EpiHackTM events will be open-source and aim to serve the public good.

After reviewing the EpiHackTM organizations and values,

  • Does an EpiHackTM event still serve your needs?
  • Do you still plan to organize your own EpiHackTM event or nominate others?
Last modified: Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 12:07 PM