To Organize Your Own EpiHackTM Event

Step 1 Review EpiHackTM philosophy  and previous events 

Step 2 Do a quick draft of event ideas and a team-assessment survey

  1. Tell us about your organization, area of works, and main focus. Are there any completed or ongoing project(s) that related to health issue that your organization has worked on?
  2. For your EpiHackTM event, what do you think would be the challenges or problems that need to be solved 1?
  3. What actions do you plan to take after the event? 
  4. Who will you engage as your stakeholder(s) to support or work on the solutions in the post-EpiHack event?
  5. Will you host an EpiHackTM in your country or another country? What geographical location is impacted by the problems that your EpiHackTM plans to address (i.e. city, country, regional, global, etc.)?
  6. What are the relationships between your organization and the key stakeholder groups (e.g. government, technology sector)?
  7. Will you have enough resources and the capacity in terms of human resources from your teams/partners and the budget to organize and facilitate the event 2? Please provide names of your source of funding.
  8. Do you already have a plan or set up a date for this EpiHackTM event? If so, when? And what are the reasons to that 3?
  9. Are there any individuals or organizations you could name that will serve as a reference to your ability to organize an event like an EpiHackTM?
  10. What do you think the biggest challenges to accomplishing an EpiHackTM would be?

Step 3 Submit your answers to questions from Step 2 to  

Step 4 Take our free online courses and obtain certificates -- learn about EpiHackTM organizer and facilitator responsibilities, as well as how to organize and run the event.

Whether you plan to completed all steps or not, we want to thank you for your time and effort. We appreciate your interest in EpiHackTM. There are other ways that we can stay connected:

  • Get personal experience by joining us at an upcoming EpiHackTM event, if you haven’t attended one before.
  • Write to BON for guidance. 
  • Become part of our EpiHackTM community.


  1. An EpiHackTM event is not suitable if you and your partners already have the tool(s) you need to address the problem(s) you have identified. An EpiHackTM event is also not suitable if you are unable to alter or adjust the tool or to develop a new solution.
  2. You may sell admission tickets to cover the event costs; however an EpiHackTM event is not to be used as an opportunity to sell commercial products or make profits. We are more interested in creating, exchanging, and sharing ideas, challenges, and problem solutions in health related issues for public good.
  3. A timeline for pre-event preparation time, organizer(s) will need another 6 to 12 months for optimal preparation.
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