To Nominate a Prospect EpiHackTM Organization

EpiHackTM Organization definition

Local/overseas organization(s) such as government agencies, universities, public organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and private companies with knowledge, expertise, and influences in the particular health issue(s) which they are interested in developing technology prototypes for problem-solutions on the addressed health problem(s) in their country and/or affected area(s).

Prospective for EpiHackTM Participating Organizations

  1. Local organization(s) with active or keen in the health issues and health technology especially with open-source technology. These organizations should have a good credibility/recognition by the government and community. 
  2. Overseas organization(s) that have embedded in the country/area or have a great understanding and strong connection with the local government agencies, community, etc. 

Role & Responsibilities

  1. Identify challenges and have a good vision of the intended impact
  2. Contribute time & team effort to organizing the event
  3. Capable in planning and executing event activities to reach event goals & objectives
  4. Engage key stakeholders to join the event and post-event activities
  5. Open-minded, flexible, and respectful of others

Your Reflections or feedbacks about this prospect EpiHackTM organizer

  1. How do you connect or come to contact with this organization?
  2. What is the person name and position in the organization?
  3. How much does he/she know about EpiHackTM? And what does he/she think about organize own EpiHackTM?
  4. What is your opinion about this organization in term of abilities and capacities to host an EpiHackTM? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  5. Any addition information that you would like to share.

Please submit information and your answers to above questions to 

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