EpiHackTM Glossary

EpiHackTM Organizer(s)

Local/oversea organization(s) such as government organization, university, public organization, not-for-profit organization, and private company with knowledge, expertises, and a great influences in the particular health issue(s) which they are interested in developing problem-solutions prototyping ideas of the addressed health problem(s) in their country and/or affected area(s).

EpiHackTM Facilitator

A local/oversea individual from any professionals who have facilitation skills with proven of understanding EpiHack’s values and practices appointed by EpiHackTM organizer(s) and/or suggested by former EpiHackers. Recommended ratio would be 2 facilitators (1 IT / 1 Health professional) per group of 8 - 10 people.


Majority are from local and usually composes of government officials, professional in software industry and health, health volunteers, etc. within the organizers’ networking plus some from EpiHackTM community. Sometimes, a short-list of amateurs or university students with proven of skill level are allowed to join the event. Suggested total number of attendee is about 35 - 60 persons including organizers and facilitators.


Local/overseas individual who has worked or in a project/research related to the event theme to share their works and any valuable insight information that can inspired or providing food for thought to the event.

VIP guest

Mostly, EpiHackTM VIP guests are high-ranked officials from local government, community leader, funder(s), and oversea partner(s). We usually invite them to join our opening and/or closing session to see presentations and provide feedbacks.

EpiHackTM community

EpiHackTM community are organizers, facilitators, mentors, and attendees from all EpiHackTM events. Please check out our EpiHackTM Community and its works from EpiHack.org and http://endingpandemics.org/projects/EpiHack/

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